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Stump's Hot Mushrooms is a HIT!

Guru Hit

Every week, Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert reviews five new items. He grades them on taste, value, health, ingredients, preparation, appearance, and packaging. On 4/3/2013, Phil reviewed Stump's Hot Mushrooms.

"I love this product! Just mushrooms, water, vinegar, salt and spice. Unlike so many other pickled products these mushrooms are not too vinegar-y, the spices are clean and have a terrific burn. I could see eating them as a snack, using them as a condiment, on top of a salad or even adding them to a bloody Mary or martini." said Phil Lempert.

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Stump's launches new product, Hot Brussels Sprouts

We are proud to launch another new product to go along with all of our tasty treats. Stump's Hot Brussels Sprouts are starting to hit the stores. You can find them at Blain's Farm & Fleet right now. We used our Stump's spice blend to create a great pickled mushroom with a slight kick. They will go great with your next cocktail!