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Stump's Hot Mushrooms is a HIT!

Guru Hit

Every week, Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert reviews five new items. He grades them on taste, value, health, ingredients, preparation, appearance, and packaging. On 4/3/2013, Phil reviewed Stump's Hot Mushrooms.

"I love this product! Just mushrooms, water, vinegar, salt and spice. Unlike so many other pickled products these mushrooms are not too vinegar-y, the spices are clean and have a terrific burn. I could see eating them as a snack, using them as a condiment, on top of a salad or even adding them to a bloody Mary or martini." said Phil Lempert.

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Stump's launches new/old product, Hot Asparagus

We are proud to launch another new/old product to go along with all of our tasty treats. Stump's Hot Asparagus are back by popular demand and are starting to hit the stores. A perfect swizzle stick for your next Stumpís Bloody Mary! Crunchy with Stumpís famous kick!